Life of Adriana

Daughter, Sister, Actress, Singer, Athlete, Christian

Looking at a pile of daisies, you might say, “Wow those daisies are pretty,” but Adriana would somehow find a way to relate those daisies to the character of Daisy Buchanan from “The Great Gatsby” her favorite novel of all time.

Having a creative and artistic mind, Adriana has always had a driven and ambitious way of living. As her creative outlet, Adriana is driven by a green light leading to the screen. Ever since she was able to walk, she has wanted to be an actress and have her name in lights. Adriana is involved in many different activities and has passion for every single activity that she is involved with, but nothing compares to the love she has for acting and performing. Adriana has been involved with the musical and artistic life since she was 5 at her weekly piano lessons. Although she did not enjoy those lessons at the time, she is thankful for having a foundation of musical understanding because it has helped her in her songwriting journey, as she now is able to play the ukulele as well as the piano.

Adriana works very hard for her dreams. She has been training at Orbit Arts Academy since 2016, and has moved her way all the way up to the Company Program, where she spends 10+ hours a week training her dance, acting, and singing skills, and working on making those skills stronger. Adriana has loved performing and feels herself light up the second she steps onto a stage. She has performed in numerous musicals including starring in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” “Xanadu” “Mamma Mia” and “Chicago”. Although Adriana adores Theater, Adriana has her eye out for film, and the film industry. Adriana has been working with her agent since 2017, constantly auditioning for different movies and TV shows. For her first job, she played the role of Hermosa in NBC’s “Dangerous Mom’s” starring Dascha Polanco and Shanola Hampton. Although the pilot did not air to TV, she is thankful for her experience in the film industry and is excited to continue her journey in the future.

This type of drive and ambition is a trait taken from Adriana’s Parents, Rafael and Angela Acevedo. Rafael and Angela were born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and immigrated to the United States in 2000 to achieve their american dream, making Adriana and her older brother Gabriel, first generation Americans. Rafael and Angela got married in 2000, packed up their bags, said goodbye to their family, and moved to Atlanta so that Rafael could get his MBA at Emory University. Her parents and older brother are huge examples of hardworking people to Adriana, and she admires her family very much. Because Adriana was raised by two Venezuelan parents, she is very thankful to be bilingual in English and Spanish

Adriana will continue to live her live in love with art and music and will continue to live her live through it. Adriana is not only interested in Acting, she find interest in other topics like journalism, leading her to go to journalism camp at UGA. She loves to learn and is eager to learn more about the topic of journalism.


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