Ren Lloyd

Raised in the city of Atlanta, but born in Austell, Georgia, Ren Lloyd has experienced multiple failures and successes while finding her calling in the Journalism field. As a young girl she focused heavily on academics and putting school work and grades before anything else. During elementary school she constantly maintained A’s and B’s in her classes. However, her studies only took up about 50% of her time. She played piano and practiced religiously. She even learned how to play “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven as a 1st grader in elementary school. During her lifetime she took on a plethora of hobbies including gymnastics, swimming, ballet and cheer. However, none of these hobbies seemed to pique her interest. As she began her journey to middle school, she saw herself slipping, becoming more aware of herself. As the only person of color in her class, she struggled to maintain her culture and her identity, constantly feeling left out. Her bubbly, extroverted personality seemed to clash with the rigorous, serious mannerisms of the students in her class. She put up a front that did not match her true personality and led to insecurity and depression, Later in middle school, she found a love for writing. She wrote, short stories, narratives, and essays of all sorts, and even wrote for her school Yearbook. Leading into High School she became more sure of herself and her future. She continued her passion for writing by participating in North Cobb High School’s newspaper staff. Now she will edit Opinions pieces for her page and she strives to attend UGA with a major in Journalism and a minor in Communications. Although she took a while to find herself in the chaotic thing called life, she knows what she wants and she will climb mountains to achieve it.


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