Baby Formula Shortage

   Since Covid-19, there has been a shortage of supplies at stores all around the world. Unexpectedly it is affecting families by not
having baby formula for their children.  

“I’ve seen some family request for donor breast milk to feed their babies “ said Britteny minor 

   Brittney Minor is an upcoming mother with her second child. As you can see people are desperate ! This shortage can be very harmful to babies that aren’t  even born yet. As we scroll through social media  we  can see that a lot of mothers are asking for money and help to get the formula they need to feed their babies.

   “It can make their stomach upset, it makes mom and dad not get enough sleep, it can also affect their nutrients and also causes pain to their stomach” -Brittany minor. These are the harmful things that babies are experiencing .

   Even family members getting affected. People are sending their family across states to go to stores that at least have some baby formula.” family members have been pitching in buying me diapers and stuff so i can be ready” -Brittany minor.

  Even though Brittany minor hasn’t had her child  she states that “I’m still scared  and worried my child won’t be able to get what it needs “.Parents are really hurting during this especially because they don’t know when this crisis will end


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