Recruiting critical to Bulldogs’ success

Everyone knows about Coach Kirby Smart’s success on the football field as head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. But that’s only half of what we see.

“50% of Kirby Smart’s job is recruiting and evaluating players,” said Claude Felton, senior associate athletic director at the University of Georgia.

After winning the national championship in January, the number of amazingly talented players who want to come to Georgia has increased dramatically. Although the increased talent pool has given Smart lots of options, in some ways it has made the process more difficult.

“Only so many positions are available,” Felton said, adding that coaches have to take into account ensuring that all positions are filled on the field.

Another factor to consider is there may be several qualified recruits available, but the team cannot exceed the number of scholarships that are allowed, which adds another complication to the recruiting process.

“You have so many scholarships that you are allowed to give out,” Felton said.

For all NCAA Division I FBS schools, that number is 85. 

Even after considering the number of scholarships and position needs, Felton said there are other factors Coach Smart has to consider, which includes the player’s stats, football history, academics and other things.

The defending national champions Georgia Bulldogs lost some key position players to the NFL, including overall first pick edge rusher Travon Walker, 13th pick defensive lineman Jordan Davis, 22nd pick linebacker Quay Walker, 28th pick defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt and 32nd pick safety Lewis Cine. But Georgia fans should feel confident that Coach Smart’s recruiting will help fill those gaps.

We lost some good players, Felton said. “But that doesn’t mean that the players coming up on the team won’t be as good as the players who left.”


Blog #2

Getting to know my instructor Joe Dennis for my journalism camp this summer has been an amazing adventure.

“I would dress the part” , said Joe when he was asked by one of my camp members about his continual action of wear fedora’s. A hat brand that became popular in in the 1920’s.

Back in 2011 when Joe was working as a disc jockey for a radio company in Athens, Ga, Bruno Mars was hot at the time. He wanted something to “define him” as stated in an interview about him. Bruno always wore fedora’s and later on Joe found out that him and Bruno share the same ethnicity, which drew Joe into wanted to wear the hats. But it wasn’t until he went to New York that he bought his first fedora and has been in love ever since. Over the past nine years he has collected many of them include colors and textures. As of now he was 15 fedora’s in his collection.

With me only knowing Joe for two days now it’s clear that he can make up his mind pretty fast. As stated in his interview on June 13th, 2022 , “That’s it i’m going to wear a fedora”. You could infer that he really did not think long on his action of this new look and what can I say, his quick thinking turned out well for him. I have only seen him wear a grey colored on but with many being in his collection I am sure that he has a hat for every color/outfit.

We can learn that choosing a new style can turn out good for you. Life goes by fast so why waste it on sticking to the new “trend” of clothes. After all we can’t take it with us when we leave. Joe said in an interview about this , “It’s just a look”.

Nevaeh Wilson June 14th, 2022

Nevaeh Wilson

June 13th, 2022

My name is Nevaeh Wilson. I am 16 years old and live in Georgia. I am the only child and I attend Peach County High School and am in the class of 2024. I am attending this journalism camp because of my love for sports. I want to become a sports journalist and commentator for pro and college sports. I have not always been in love with sports. This sudden interest started in 2019 when COVID first began and nothing else was on TV, but sports so I sat down and watched one game and got hooked. I also fell in love with the University of Georgia and all of Georgia’s sports teams. I am currently the junior editor of the yearbook at my school and will be senior editor my senior year. I will also be doing sideline reporting for the football team at my school this season. I am super pumped about this because this is what I want to do as a career. I want to be on camera talking about sports, interviewing players and just watching what I love, sports. I don’t do many task that don’t pertain sports because like I have mentioned I am in love with all of them. Becoming a sports journalist with the help of God is definitely in my future, because without him I would not even have this passion and drive to want to become something big, so I will always give praise and honor to him. You all will definitely see me on TV in the next 8 to 10 years and I hope to see all the people that I am with at this camp living out their dream as well.