Recap Of Me

June 13, 2022

I’m Addison and I was born in Atlanta on Oct. 26, 2006. I attend Lassiter High school and I’m a rising sophomore! In high school I branched out and went out of my comfort zone a lot. I ran cross country, became vice president of my class and created my schools yearbook. I would say I am a leader, but everything I’ve achieved I couldn’t have done without my parents. Some of my biggest supporters are my mom and dad. They’ve given me so many opportunities and always give me a push when they believe I can do something.

I chose journalism because I one day hope to be the editor of my yearbook. I think journalism could also really help me sound more professional and more mature. Honestly, I want to be respected as a young teen because it is something I do value a lot. I believe young minds now are much brighter than they may seem and we do have a lot to bring to the table.While I may believe this I want to find a voice and be confident when I am speaking and writing, I just don’t know where to begin.

Outside of journalism I have grown to love running. It has become a big passion of mine since I started last fall. I ended up making varsity and our team went to state! Running has helped me in various ways, one being mental health. It helps me relieve all the stress from the day and keeps me centered. I also have a passion for biology. I ended my school year with a average of a 98 in the class. Since I was little I loved marine biology and I think it’s definitely a career I could end up pursuing in the long run.


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