Karleigh Gorman About Me

Hello, my name is Karleigh Gorman and I am currently 16 years old. I am originally from Rockville, Maryland and grew up in the D.C. area. About eight years ago, my family and I moved down to South Carolina. People down here like to say that I’m the girl from the north, which to me makes no sense. When I go back up north, whether it be Maryland, Jersey or Boston, they like to comment about my southern living. I am a rising senior in high school- thank the Lord- and I am ready to leave the South. There isn’t much for me down here, especially any opportunities regarding college. Along with sports, writing has been something I loved since I was little. Many might assume I like Washington teams, but I am mainly a Boston gal. I love the New England Patriots, Boston Red Soxs, and the Celtics, but when it comes to the NHL, I am a Washington Capitals fan. I have a hateful passion towards the Boston Bruins that will never fade. Since my dad is from the Boston area, he basically forced me and raised me with New England teams. We go to at least one Capitals game a year and it is the best experience to be in.

I have three other sisters and one brother. My mom is the baby of eight and my dad is the middle of five, so it’s safe to say I have a big family. I grew up watching and playing sports. It came naturally to me. I first started when I was six when my dad signed me up for flag football. This was when I realized sports would have a big impact in my life. I continued with sports and my passion for them as I grew up. Around the age of 12, I realized that I could combine sports and writing together. My freshman year of high school, I started managing my school’s lacrosse team and was the news broadcaster. When COVID hit, a lot shut down. Our news channel was canceled, but I continued with finding new ways to put journalism in my life. Now as a senior, I can say that I am a part of my journalism and broadcasting team and a lacrosse manager for four years and my passion for sports writing continues to grow everyday. I hope to one day be a sideline reporter or even work for a team alone. There are currently many female writers coming into the sport journalism world and it makes me feel confident that I could have a chance of one day living my dream. My grandma always told me I wouldn’t make it many places since I don’t have a sense of “fashion”. Being the youngest, plus the only girl, it can set some high expectations. I was never the girl to wear a dress or learn how to do my makeup, I was simple. That is basically my life quote, just be simple. I have my flaws and I have my perks, but hopefully these will help me in my future career.


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