“The Simpsons” is Better Than “Family Guy”

“The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” are one in the same – they are both long running adult cartoons with large fanbases. Both have been criticized and revered for their boldness in making edgy and offensive jokes. However, one show clearly stands above the other – “The Simpsons” surpasses “Family Guy” in humor, characters, and touching moments, making it the superior show. 

While “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” have similar humor in the fact that they are both unapologetic and offensive, “The Simpsons” pulls it off with more class than “Family Guy” ever could. “Family Guy” utilizes cutaway gags, which are clips that interject the main story with a quick joke. In fact, “Family Guy” episodes have an average of 11 cutaways per episode according to the Family Guy wiki, which often interrupts the story and disrupts the flow of the episode. On the other hand “The Simpsons” delicately crafts their jokes into the story so that the episode flows seamlessly while at the same time being funny. 

In addition, the characters from “The Simpsons” are so much better developed and well rounded than the characters from “Family Guy.” A perfect example are the two daughters from the families from each show. Lisa Simpson, The daughter in “The Simpsons” is a very interesting complex character with multiple interests, like playing the saxophone, reading, activism, and dolls.​​ But Meg Griffin, the daughter from “Family Guy” is a one dimensional character with little to no interests, and according to her wiki page is merely a punching bag for the rest of the family who adds nothing to the story. The complexity of characters in “The Simpsons” leads to greater connections and stories than seen in “Family Guy.”

“The Simpsons” not only does comedy and character development much better than “Family Guy” but also the sweet touching moments. “The Simpsons” has a wide variety of heartwarming episodes, which include but is not limited to “Maggie makes 3,” “Lisa’s first word,” and “mother simpson.” “Family Guy” only has one episode that attempts to be sweet, “Brian and Stewie,” an episode which is just as gross as it is heartwarming, for the fact that Brian eats out of Stewie’s diaper. 

When surveyed, the majority of people said that “Family Guy” was the better show. However, the reason they stated was that it was only because they hadn’t seen “The Simpsons” where as people who chose “The Simpsons” said that they watched both and “The Simpsons” was just better. So while “Family Guy” may be more popular nowadays, it doesn’t hold a candle to the classic that is “The Simpsons.”


Athfest Returns Following Two-Year Hiatus

A local music festival called Athfest is returning after being unable to take place due to COVID-19 for the past 2 years.

“It was canceled because we couldn’t get our city permit that you have to have to hold the event,” said Rachel Allen, a member of the Athfest team. However, she says that all the relationships necessary to hold Athfest had been continued, “so there wasn’t much of a gap there getting back started.”

The Athfest music and arts festival is a 3 day gathering that features local artists and culture. It consists of outdoor stages, iconic local venues, an artist market, and even an area for children. After not taking place for the past two years due to concerns about COVID-19, the Athfest team is working hard to make it return on June 24th to June 26th of this year. 

“It’s an organization that works year round,” said Allen, referring to the Athfest team. “It’s a well oiled machine.”

Allen’s description of the team highlights how the return of Athfest is expected to be very smooth despite the 2 year gap since the previous festival. “It’s not like everybody just went away for two years,” Allen said. The Athfest team has been working through the COVID-19 pandemic and are prepared for their return. 

However, this year’s festival does have a change. 

“For the last many years we’ve had a system where you buy a wristband and can go to a dozen different venues where there is music,” Allen said. But this year, there are only two ticketed venues – the Georgia theater and the 40 watt club. “It had to do with the last minute nature of having to wait until the number where right covid wise” Allen said. By the time the Athfest team knew they would be putting on the festival, numerous venues had not opened back up due to concerns about COVID-19.

Despite this change, one of Allen’s comments assured that the music will remain the same. 

“We still had all the relationships with bands,” Allen said. Even though there has been trouble setting up the festival amongst the chaos brought by the pandemic, the same bands will perform like they have at the previous Athfests.


My name is Sebastian. I was born in Decatur, Georgia and moved to Oconee County when I was 6.

I’ve played the saxophone since 6th grade — I like the instrument because it’s a great medium to express some of my favorite music, which is jazz.

I started wrestling a couple years ago, and I wrestle in the 160 class (though that’s not what I weigh right now). I’m okay at wrestling, but better at saxophone.

I am at journalism camp to try to learn more about reporting. Reporting is something I’ve always thought was cool from watching the reporters on TV, because they where in dangerous situations like war zones and natural disasters.

Other than journalism, I’ve thought about being a lawyer – my dad was a lawyer, and the show, “Better Call Saul,” makes it look cool — he leads an interesting life. If he wasn’t a lawyer, no one would know who Saul Goodman was. Even though my dad’s life isn’t as perilous as Saul’s, he has just as many enemies.