My name is Sebastian. I was born in Decatur, Georgia and moved to Oconee County when I was 6.

I’ve played the saxophone since 6th grade — I like the instrument because it’s a great medium to express some of my favorite music, which is jazz.

I started wrestling a couple years ago, and I wrestle in the 160 class (though that’s not what I weigh right now). I’m okay at wrestling, but better at saxophone.

I am at journalism camp to try to learn more about reporting. Reporting is something I’ve always thought was cool from watching the reporters on TV, because they where in dangerous situations like war zones and natural disasters.

Other than journalism, I’ve thought about being a lawyer – my dad was a lawyer, and the show, “Better Call Saul,” makes it look cool — he leads an interesting life. If he wasn’t a lawyer, no one would know who Saul Goodman was. Even though my dad’s life isn’t as perilous as Saul’s, he has just as many enemies.


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