Heaven Jobes Path to Journalism

Heaven Jobe’s a first year grad student pursuing journalism to have a bigger voice

“I wanted to teach a bigger audience.  I didn’t want to be stuck in a classroom” 

Heaven Jobe is a first year grad student at the University of Georgia.  After previously teaching at a middle school she jumped into the world of grad school.  “Doors opened” Jobe remarks as her reason for making the big leap.  The Mich. native had never sought after journalism.  Infact Jobe entered undergrad with the intent of focusing on education as well as communications.  The journalism student voices how she was limited in her previous career. “I wanted to teach a bigger audience” she explains “I didn’t want to be stuck in a classroom”.  Journalism seems to provide a perfect loop whole.  

“He doesn’t really care about himself” Jobe’s father says.

Referring to her older father with health problems, Jobe explains what brought her focus into studying health.  She wants to learn about health to better prepare her father to advocate for himself.  She also describes certain words to avoid while writing about certain demographics.

“The thing that stood out to me was learning about HIPPA and how they know about hippa and how so many people think they know about hippa and what they can and can’t do”.  

Jobe responds in reference to a student asking about what she has specifically researched to help her dad.  It is evidently clear that Jobe is passionate about helping both her father and health care as a whole “I love him” she elucidates.  

“Don’t be afraid to get told you are doing something wrong”

After being asked for advice for aspiring journalists she explains how she feels like she can’t achieve her goals by making a mistake.

“I can do it and that’s why I am here”


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