Flag football rises in popularity

Flag Football is becoming a more popular and entertaining sport throughout the youth of America, especially between girls the ages of 14-17.

Karleigh Gorman, former high school flag football player advocates for girls playing flag football.

“It makes me feel like I’m equal to a guy, because guys always brag about playing football and girls can’t. It makes me feel important and it makes me feel like I have a right and I am empowered,” Gorman said.

In recent years flag football has made a wide appearance across the state of Georgia becoming more popular, a club sport and an official high school sport for girls. Only 15 colleges offer competitive collegiate flag football teams, with all the colleges being National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, NAIA. Only two of those colleges are in Georgia.

Flag football opens various opportunities for people of all ages. It provides people, specifically kids, the opportunity to branch out and broaden their skills. Kieth Wenrich, the director of recreational sports, mentioned that kids can benefit from flag football in all aspects. Flag football also opens doors for girls across the country and gives them more opportunities in the sports world.

“The ways are numerous, here are a few; physical activity, team building, socialization, well-being, leadership, sportsmanship, competitiveness, friendship, critical thinking, risk management” Wenrich said.

Many girls throughout Georgia have joined local club teams and or teams provided by their schools. This past year Fulton county of Georgia added flag football sports teams to most of their high schools.       

 “I do not see it becoming an NCAA sport.” Wenrich said addressing the chances of women’s flag football becoming more than a NAIA sport.

Although flag football is becoming more and more popular, it is not apart of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA. As of now there are no future plans for flag football becoming an NCAA sport. 

Even though it is still in the beginning stages of becoming more prominent, flag football is still enjoyed throughout the community.


Blog #2

With this being her first year here, Heaven navigates through the challenges of journalism.

“The toughest would be just learning a whole new skill and expecting to be good at it. Like wanting assignments to be turned in within three weeks, when three weeks ago I didn’t know what journalism was.”

Heaven originally came from Eastern Michigan University, where she received her bachelor’s in literature language and writing. Before she became invested in journalism, theater arts and communication was one of her main priority. Over a period of time her interest began to shift when she realizes what she really wanted to devote her time too.

“To answer your question was because a door open and why not, walk through it.” she said.

Heaven wanted to continue her path on mass communication, due to the fact that she minored in it back at Eastern Michigan. Her goal was to continue that pathway and continue learning about communications.

“I wanted to go to school for mass communication, you know I did my minor in communications.” she said.

Heaven explains how switching from a theatre and literature background to a journalistic background can be difficult. Especially because of those two different paths involve different types of writing. she then goes on and explains about different experienced that she had which helped her learn more about herself in this field.

“My advice to you, which i’m still struggling with, don’t be afraid to get told that you are doing something wrong.”

Jordan Anderson

Hi my name is Jordan Anderson, most people call me jorjor. I am originally from Pittsburg, but moved to Georgia when I was around five. I attend Northview High School as a rising junior.

To be honest I didn’t even know that UGA offered summer camps. My mom was the one who introduced the camp to me and suggested it as something fun and or beneficial to do over the summer. At first I didn’t want to go, but now that I am here I’m very glad that I came. Other than my journalism activities, I am heavily involved in sports. A few years ago I just quit gymnastics due to an injury. I currently, run track and play flag football. I really enjoy watching movies, for the sole reasoning of breaking the movie down. I love watching how movies are put together and how someone’s idea in their head is put together in real life. This is why I really want to be a producer and or screenwriter when I’m older. I also want to major in journalism because it is a broader field. This is my plan if the film track doesn’t work.