Joe’s Road to Success

June 14, 2022

Joe Dennis had lots of aspirations as a child, but one collage crush shockingly led him to his successful career. 

“That was really how I got into journalism, and then I discovered I actually really liked it,” said Joe  laughing, talking about the start of his career. “Even though the Tara thing didn’t work out I really ended up liking journalism”

During his college years he started out as a sports journalist so he could do reports on his crush, Tara. One day his professor/adviser recommended him to think about pursuing it as a career and to get a journalism major at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. He listened and ventured into other areas of journalism as well. 

“I got taken away from my kid because I was on call, I love journalism but I don’t want to be on call 24/7,” he said. “So thats when I got into teaching.”

After 10 years of being a journalist, Joe realized the commitment of being on call all the time got in the way of his child – and he wanted to be present in the early life of his son. He also wanted to keep putting his knowledge of journalism to use, therefore he had to find the in-between. He decided to start teaching other people about journalism, and continues to do that currently.

“Thats when I became a teacher”


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