Dr. Joe Dennis Interview

Today the story of Joe Dennis, a professor at Piedmont University, the man with the striking fedora, is uncovered during a journalism camp interview.

“Bruno Mars was popular around then, and I come to learn he’s Filipino, which is what I am too.” said Dr. Joe Dennis, when asked why his signature item is a fedora. “I was like that’s it, i’m going to wear a fedora.”

The interview held in Grady’s Journalism building for the University of Georgia’s summer journalism camp took place on June 13, where Dr. Dennis participated in one of two interviews, and provided deep moments and big change in his life. He set the groundwork for many students to write a piece about him by giving statements along with multiple stories.

“Family is everything,” Joe said when talking about his upbringing. “When I was a child I wanted nothing to do with my Filipino background because I was embarrassed by it, but as I got older I really started to embrace it more.”

With his career as a teacher and experience as a journalist, Dr. Dennis is guiding upcoming aspiring journalists to pursue their dreams.


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