Joe Dennis Blog 2

ATHENS, GEORGIA- Joe Dennis is one known for his intelligence towards journalism and his wise knowledge for young students interested in journalism. 

“I really like journalism” said Joe Dennis while talking to a group of young high school kids at a journalism camp located at the University of Georgia held June of 2022. “I’ve always had a heart to look out for the people that have been forgotten.” 

For one week in June, a group of 20 kids gathered around a table to learn from Joe Dennis himself. On their first day of camp, Joe had decided that the students may conduct an interview about him. Around their table, each kid had a chance to ask Joe whatever questions they had liked. Along with all the journalism questions, Joe had reflected many questions back to his childhood, especially his culture. 

“It feels right to me” is what Joe said when talking about his family gatherings. “It is interesting how that impacted my childhood.” 

Dennis had revealed that he comes from a Filipino family. Both his mother and his sister had immigrated over to the United States while his father was born in Michigan. Joe was raised in Chicago and moved down to Georgia with his wife. When talking about memories from his childhood, Dennis said that he was embarrassed of his culture, this was until he was older. He is now proud of being Filipino and likes to incorporate it into his children’s life. Including this part of his life is an important step for Joe, and so his religion, 

“I was Catholic” said Joe, but then had stated, “I was too Catholict out”. 

Raised as a Catholic, Joe had stopped after meeting his wife. Due to their beliefs being different, they both decided to find a religion that could share some of the same beliefs and values, especially when it came to raising their children. When it came to the decision, they had both decided to be Methodists. Joe had mentioned that raising kids with the same values and beliefs is very important. 

“I’ve taught hundreds of kids that are now in media”. 

Due to his amazing teaching and his knowledge, Joe has led many kids to become the greatest people they were meant to be. He led this young group of journalism kids to broaden their worlds and to view it in a bigger picture. Even with his comedic teaching methods, Joe still continues to impact kids in and out of school. He is a person that takes pride in himself and shows how to be confident. 

“Which is what I am”


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