Blog #2

With this being her first year here, Heaven navigates through the challenges of journalism.

“The toughest would be just learning a whole new skill and expecting to be good at it. Like wanting assignments to be turned in within three weeks, when three weeks ago I didn’t know what journalism was.”

Heaven originally came from Eastern Michigan University, where she received her bachelor’s in literature language and writing. Before she became invested in journalism, theater arts and communication was one of her main priority. Over a period of time her interest began to shift when she realizes what she really wanted to devote her time too.

“To answer your question was because a door open and why not, walk through it.” she said.

Heaven wanted to continue her path on mass communication, due to the fact that she minored in it back at Eastern Michigan. Her goal was to continue that pathway and continue learning about communications.

“I wanted to go to school for mass communication, you know I did my minor in communications.” she said.

Heaven explains how switching from a theatre and literature background to a journalistic background can be difficult. Especially because of those two different paths involve different types of writing. she then goes on and explains about different experienced that she had which helped her learn more about herself in this field.

“My advice to you, which i’m still struggling with, don’t be afraid to get told that you are doing something wrong.”


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