More About Heaven

From Eastern Michigan University to UGA, Heaven Jobe is excited about journalism.

“I liked being able to be free in rules, but also write about anything I wanted to,” said Heaven Jobe, a first-year teacher assisting with the journalism camp at the University of Georgia. “My decision changed after my first year of college.”

The annual journalism camp that held each year began on Monday, June 20 where a group of 20 high school students met to learn more about the nature of journalism by instructors Joe Dennis and Jobe- while getting experience on interviewing by asking any questions they may have wanted to know about them.

Jobe spoke a lot about her father and how she wanted to be informed about what he was going through, that is why she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. Her tone was very joking and light when talking about her father and she expresses, “I love him, I appreciate him.”

“It was important for me to learn more about African Americans and learn more about things that he is dealing with,” she said. “I want to help him advocate for him.”

Being a teacher is a familiar experience for Jobe.

“I always wanted to a be teacher,” she said. “I wanted to be able to teach for a larger audience and not be stuck in the classroom.”

That is why she is assisting at UGA with 20 students, trying to teach them her experience with journalism in college. She started at Eastern Michigan University with a degree in literature, language and writing, and a minor in theatre art and communications. Her passion changed and the opportunity came to her. She expressed that while she is here and was given this opportunity to teach, she explains that she is still learning and attempting to teach the journalism students as well.

“My stories have been something that I can relate to,” she said.

Jobe spoke to the journalism students about her childhood and she explained that she was involved in sports. She said that her stories are mostly about the things that she is interested in , like mental health issues among youth athletes. She can relate to those youth athletes because she played a lot of differences sports.

Jobe offered her advice to students interested in the field of journalism. She explained to students that there are a lot of risks that you have to take to get that story or source. She also stated that being “turned down” is a part of the job and how you cannot be afraid to fail.

“I am still working on my own journalism,” she said. “I am still trying to get better and learn and teach you about my own experiences.”


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