Joe Dennis

20 students attending the UGA Media and Leadership academy interview their journalism teacher Joe Dennis.

“The first thing I knew I wanted to be when I grew up was a Baseball player… but I wasn’t very good at it” Dr. Joe Dennis elaborated to us about his first interaction with journalism. “During my summer orientation group my orientation leader was a sports editor and asked me,” Hey Joe I know that you’ve dabbled into some journalism, can you write volleyball for me?”

During college Dennis’s first interest wasn’t journalism, it was the Music Industry. He stated his passion of really wanting to be a disc jockey and even stating how he majored and took classes for it. After taking on his first story he began to find a liking to journalism. At first Dennis only wrote sports journalism as a hobby but as time went on he ventured out and learned different ways of journalism. He then switched majors and took on Journalism, getting his masters and PHD at the end of his college career.

“After being a Journalist for about 10 years I’ll never forget why I switched to teaching” he said.

Although Dennis decided to switch to teaching, his career is still alive. He stated he has gotten to write a few stories and dip his feet back into the journalism world.


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