Joe Dennis: The One-Trick Pony

Rock junkie, fedora wearer, journalist, professor, announcer and coach Dr. Joe Dennis took a 46-year-long journey through life to discover his strengths, flaws, and ability to change the world through writing.
“The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a baseball player, but I wasn’t very good at it so the next thing I wanted to do was to be a rockstar but I literally tried every instrument and sucked…So really I wanted to be part of the music culture, so being a disc jockey, because I wanted to be a radio star, is what I went to college for.” Dennis said.

Although Dennis seemed to struggle to find his calling, his fondness for a girl opened up a new door for him. It opened a door to a career that took him more places than being a rockstar or baseball player ever could. Some people call it lying, and some call it fake news, but Dennis calls it journalism. His journalism career helped him expand his reach, form connections, and express what he felt was important.

“I remember my orientation leader was a sports editor for the newspaper at my college and he said ‘Hey Joe I know you’ve dabbled in some journalism, can you write volleyball for me…I started as a sports journalist and the professor said ‘Hey Joe you’re really good at this you should pick this up as a major. Then I eventually got into other areas of journalism,” Dennis said.

However, Dennis did not give up music completely. As a child, he gained his fondness for Rock music from his older cousin and he loved it ever since. He questions the new music of today, but he feels like music is subjective and it depends on the listener. No one should feel obligated to judge another’s music taste because music caters to different people.

“Music is something that has even stayed with me to this day and it’s interesting because my kids listen to music that I consider weird music and I never thought I’d be so old that I thought other music was weird, but I totally respect their taste in music….I respect it because music is very personal to people. Yes, it’s subjective, you don’t like some music, but no one sucks because music is like art, some people love it some people don’t and that’s ok.” Dennis said.


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