A Green Light in High School

F. Scott Fitzgeralds literary masterpiece, “The Great Gatsby” must continue to be taught in Schools

“Its one of those iconic pieces that everyone talks about,” says history major, Mari Daze.

“The Great Gatsby” has been taught in school for decades, as it touches on many different themes.

“I think it’s a good way to analyze how an author in the 20’s portrays the American dream and how we portray the American dream now and comparing and contrasting what things have remained the same, what things have changed,” Mari says.

The novel also allows students to grow their literary minds by understanding different concepts that are not literal.

“I think it showed the American dream, not in a literal sense, it was open to a lot of interpretation which i think is important to learn in school so that students can have their own opinion about it,” says Ebudu Okeke, a phycology major.

Outside of the classroom, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel remains important years after it is read. “The Great Gatsby” provides as a great source to many references in popculture.

“Every so often, you might hear someone make a reference to ‘The Great Gatsby’, like the green light,” says Mari.

“The Great Gatsby” must continue to be read in order to provide students with “a clear view to history,” says Mari.

“It’s just become very iconic,” says Mari.


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