Heaven Jobe

Making a change can be difficult, especially learning an entirely new set of rules. Heaven Jobe didn’t always want to be a journalist, however she has used her writing and thinking skills from her english back round to pursue a new career.

Heaven Jobe is a first year grad student at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Originally earning a Bachelors degree in language literacy and writing from Eastern Michigan University, she wanted to be an english teacher. While she has currently transitioned into health journalism, Heaven tells the journalism students at UGA Summer Academy about her experience.

When asked what first sparked her interest in writing Heaven said it was a creative writing class her senior year of high school. “I liked being able to be free of rules” she said. The toughest challenge was “learning a whole new skill and expecting to be good at it.”

Heaven Jobe has this advice for aspiring journalism students: “Don’t be afraid to get told you’re doing something wrong.”

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