My name is Arthur Walton and I was born and raised in Marietta. I am American but my parents have a background from Europe and South America. Both of my parents were born in Brazil, but my dad lived in a secluded English community and he moved back and forth from England and Porto Alegre. I am fluent in Portuguese and currently learning Spanish in the International Spanish Academy at my high school, Walton.

My biggest passion is sports, and no other is close. I was on Walton’s freshman team last season, and I hope to jump up to the JV team. After basketball, the 2nd place trophy goes to football. I have minimal experience playing tackle because I am an only child and my mom doesn’t want anything bad to happen. Off the court and field, I love everything about the two sports; playing fantasy football and basketball, looking at analytics to compare players, and reading articles of draft recaps, predictions, power rankings, etc. Since I read a lot of media articles, I decided to look into journalism.

With my new interest, I decided to join the Sports Media club. To start off the season, I wrote a piece summarizing one of our games, and one more for the girl’s flag football tournament. One day I would like to be a sports analyst, broadcaster or journalist.


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