Heaven’s Journalistic Journey

Continuing to experience and learn about journalism, Heaven Jobe explains her call to the applicability of journalism.

“Really the interest came to me, the opportunity was brought to me, and I took the opportunity because it’s something that applies to everyone, it doesn’t expire,” Jobe says, “It’s not something that I won’t be able to use in 20 years.”

Being only 24, Heaven describes her interest into writing stems at a younger age. “I just really liked being able to be free in rules, but also write about whatever I wanted to,” Jobe says.

She explains that she shifted and changed her studying pursuits from “mass communication” and wanting to “be a high school teacher,” to journalism because “I guess my decision changed after my first year of college…because a door opened, and why not walk through it,” Jobe says.

Jobe said that she found a certain interest into the field of health journalism because of her father. “With my dad being older…it was important to me to kinda learn more about African Americans and health, and just learn more about things he’s dealing with…so I’m trying to learn as much as much as I can to be able to help him and advocate for him,” Jobe says adding that she enjoys writing about stories that ‘I can relate to in some kind of way”.

Although Jobe enjoys journalism, she is eager to continue to learn more about the subject and is still “wanting to get better and learn.”

Her biggest piece of advice to anyone aspiring to study journalism is to “Don’t be afraid to get told that you’re doing something wrong…so just keep going, take that constructive criticism.”


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